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§ 1

Player name, guild name and shop names that contain offensive, racist, right-wing, vulgar and / or vulgar or
in any other instance are strikingly negative, are prohibited. Also insert the following abbreviation is prohibited: "GS" "GM" "ADM" "MOD," since this only
may be used by the team. There are all prohibited guild name containing the name of the guild GM or similar to contain highly
or resemble him. The Name Game Guild Master is also banned!

§ 2

That is, to hide in walls, houses, etc. The engagement of the walls, houses, etc is prohibited. This is particularly true in the PvP zones.

§ 3

The attraction of monsters (ampoules), to then place outside of the city or to draw them on other players,
is prohibited. You have your
Contention with one / several unique screen (s) or may occupy video, so that we can better understand what happened when her
want to report.

§ 4
Kill Stealing

The rule of "first hit" (beat). Kill stealing we see as inappropriate behavior. The repeated, massive knock the other monsters
Players, the intervention of the Last Chaos International team pulls itself as we do not tolerate such behavior.

§ 5

Please be kind to other players and do not abuse it. Threatening and extorting other players is prohibited. If you think
that your players do not play by the rules, this report on the forum a GM. You have to prove your assertion with a screenshot,
so that we can better understand what happened.

§ 6
Beginners / Newcomers

Makes you please not make fun of the newbie in the game just because they have not so much experience and does not lead them by the nose.
Everyone has been a beginner. Help them!

§ 7

If you find a bug, exploit it and thus you EVLT. an advantage, you risk the deletion of your account. Bugs are to be reported
Forum, a GM, or an admin support. Should there be large accumulations of wealth by a bug, a rollback is performed and the perpetrators
the community are made known so that they can treat you accordingly. You lose any rights to the player you versus fair
must behave. Furthermore, your entire inventory will be deleted. Possibly also people from your friends list inventory items will lose
if we suspect that you have passed through Bugusing items reached.

§ 8
Account data

Each player is obliged to keep his account information secret. He may not pass on to third parties. It is also not allowed to
To ask other account information. With the passing of the account data there is no substitute for lost items / characters or accounts
give. This also includes trading account!

§ 9
GM Help

GM's not allowed to give items, money, or else to other players. They will hold anything for you, do not help in leveling and no monsters spawn.
You shall not anhandeln the GM's, invite to the guild or group or invite to your friends list. Exceptions are events caused by the
Server-line will be announced in this case is the team to follow strictly enforced!

§ 10

Anyone who claims to be a GA, GM, moderator or employee of International Last Chaos, or arouse by similar names or other actions will appear
to be one must expect an immediate ban his account.

$ 11
PvP battles in

Moment during the battles (Battle of Chaos and Battle Castle) of the PvP mode is prohibited. If one wants to report the violation you must upgrade your claim with
a video or easily recognizable screens can show that we can better understand what happened.

§ 11.1

Depending on the severity of the offense, the following actions are performed:
- Warning -> 1 slight insults or harassment
2 Store names are not permitted under the rules
3 Game Master merchant to take in friends list or group invitation
4 Attracting attention is negative in the game

- Temporary banishment of the account -> If by e-mail about the reason and length Informed
- Permanent banishment of the account -> If you are caught in Hack's or the like, cheating or other serious offense has (massive wrongdoing.
Forum can also lead to deletion of both accounts) We take no responsibility for the loss of borrowed game items or cash holdings!

§ 11.2

The instructions and decisions of the International LastChaos teams to be obeyed. If a player tries a decision already taken a GM or
To bypass MOD, in which he, for example, entrusted another GM / MOD with the same case, this leads to the exclusion game.

§ 11.3

Violations of the rules are punished primarily by GM's. The GMs are empowered to temporarily kick and to take other necessary measures such
Example to report the infringement of those rules, so players and their accounts can be banned.

§ 12
Fraud of any kind will result in the loss of your account.

§ 13
Team members:

It is forbidden to out team members, which means you must not say who is what GM. Who does this loses its Accout

§ 14
Advertising and spam:

The promote third-party or other games, as well as the denunciation of International Last Chaos is prohibited. Or post the constant spam
unwanted messages and harassing individual players are not permitted.

§ 15
the unwritten rule:

It is in the discretion of the team members you any time to capture for your behavior (that is, inappropriate behavior,
which is not listed in the rules). You will be notified in the case of an e-mail with the reason and duration of the ban. The team has the right
view your entire data and possibly to provide in the context of law enforcement to the police, but not to other third parties.

§ 16
Loss of protection:

Anyone who violates the rules will lose its protection by the rules.

§ 17

Guilds that win a chaos battle / castle battle, but their members are noticed by hacking at the battle, delete-all members
get 7 days lock Guild, the guild name is no longer used, the hackers even get permanent spell-check, we therefore advise your members
previously, before whom her receive her new.

§ 18

The use of Igni is in the arena as well as in the Battle Castle / chaos battle prohibited.
Anyone who does not adhere to it must reckon with a spell

§ 19
Pulling From Monster

The Pulling of monsters is generally prohibited, as all the monster players and not belongs to one.
Anyone who does not consider it has to reckon with the consequences that will result in one day spell.
Please keep in mind not only their own play, several special.

Sincerely yours
Your team International LastChaos

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