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Hello, I'm DeathCurse in game, and I am applying for GS on Project X LC. Please read my whole application and wish me luck.

1. Tell us a little about yourself
Hello, everybody. My name in game is DeathCurse. I am applying for GS. I speak English and Vietnamese. Only English will help, but I don't think I'll need to know many languages. I been playing LC since 2007. I have a lot of experience. I am a nice, kind, fun, and helpful person. I will be active, so I can help everybody.

2.Why I want to be GS
I am applying for GS, because I would love to help everybody. I haven't seen my staff member on so either they didn't come on today or there's not many. If you do have a few, one more wouldn't hurt. I love doing events. I don't know what to give as prize in this server, so someone have to help me with prizes. I'm all about the people. I'll do whatever the players want. Not literately though. I won't give everybody everything I have. I'll just help you whenever I can. I'll do as much event as I can if there are players online.

3. What do u expect from being a GS?
I expect a Gs to follow all the rules. Being a staff member doesn't make you the best. A GS should listen to the player. Hear what they want. A GS shouldn't just be AFK all day and when they're online, break all the rule. GS should help players and keep them having fun. GS's should be active or at least be on whenever they can. They should help players when they're on. I'll follow all the rules of GS if I get accepted and any other people should too.

4.Past Experiences
I have several staff experiences. I been GM on Ep2 servers only so far. I know the commands. I tested commands on an EP1 server also, so I know those too. I been GS before also. I been GS on a few Ep2 server. I been GS on the several servers. I was removed for inactivity I believe or some other reason I'm not sure. I'll be active here, because I love this server. I've follow all the rule of a staff and not planning to breaking one. I'm currently not staff on any server, I'll have a lot of time here.

5.How long I've been playing
I've only been playing this server recently, but I have a lot of experience with LC. I been exploring and lvling so I know a lot about this server. I'll help anyone I can and welcome all new players.

6.How much time I have online
I have plenty of time online. I don't have much time in the morning, because of school and all, but I'm free all afternoon from like 3pm to 9pm CDT or GMT-5 or is GMT-6 right now. I'm usually online at least 2 hours each day. I have a lot more time online on the weekends. I have like 3-9 hours online on the weekends. I'm online whenever I can be on. On a weekly basis, I'm online 21-48 hours each week. Sundays might vary, because I have no idea what I'll do on Sunday.

7. Can you also talk English to communicated with us?
English is my main language. So, of course, I can. I don't really know any other language fluently. I'm trying to make every section a little long, but don't really have anything else to say.

8. How are you going to communicated with us?
Well, I have Skype. You guys can always contact me there. My Skype is carpaint4. Again, not much to say. :(

9. Are you able to help people also on forum?
I love the forum. Whenever, I can't be in game, I can help on forum. I'm on forum all the time. I might haven't been posting lately, but that's because I didn't really play than. I might be in forum more than game, but that's just because I'm on forum when I'm in game and when I'm not in game. I'm on forum all the time, so I can help players anywhere.

Well, there's my application. According to the clock, it took me like a while. I hope you guys read this. Please tell me if I'm accepted or not. I promise to do whatever I said I'll do. If I'm not accepted, I'll try again later. If I am accepted, I'll help everybody and maybe in the future, get GM. I'd be a good GS so I hope I get accepted. I'm not going to beg you so I can be accepted. It's your choice, but I hope I do. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Hope you hear from you guys soon. :)


I love this server. If anyone need anything, find me in game, PM me on forum/game, or add me on Skype.

Check out my GS app and wish me luck- post80.html#p80

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