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German [GM] application :D
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Autor: xWehrMachTx [ 3. Okt 2013 16:09 ]
Betreff des Beitrags: German [GM] application :D

Hey I wanted to apply to be a [GM]

name: kevin
In game name: xWehrMachTx
Age: 17 years young
Born on 24.09.1995

About me
I play around since I was 12 years last I chaos began to play but what germany so my case was not from there I went to eternia where I was with 5 rbs P 120 have also been some server by playing for example generic No.1 / 2, 777, destiny and many more and was already [GM] and [GS]. There currently doing a training for road builders. To my hobbies are out with friends, celebrations, music, soccer, but also chaos where I load them where I love to make people support and only AKNN continue helping me because it just fun

Favorite chars in lc: Mage (Witch / Witch)
Beschi (Sorc)

TS? Ts is there and would be frequently on the server
Skype? also available where you can reach me daily (playboy5754)

I would appreciate a feedback signal very

Love greetings xWehrMachTx (Kevin)

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