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Autor: xLoveCocaine [ 29. Sep 2013 16:43 ]
Betreff des Beitrags: Game Sage Application OvereeN

Real Name : Alex
Country : Romania
Nickname : OvereeN
Hey . I`m doin` this application because i just want to help the server, i don`t know what to say right now , but i was GM/GS/GA on another servers... so i know the rules. I want to say something : We will spend some time togheter helpin` the server to grow up . I just want to make happy this community and as i sayd i want to be your loved Game Sage. Gimme a chance to show what` i`ve got and you will` never regret.
I speak 4 langs. German , English , Some spanish and , Francais.

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